Costa Rica Vara Blanca

Costa Rica Vara Blanca

Snowdrift Coffee

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Snowdrift Coffee

Roast Type:

Medium - Light

Country of Origin:

Costa Rica

Tasting Notes:

White Peach, Vanilla, Soft


Single Origin

We’re happy to share this delicate gem of a coffee with you! It’s a special offering for us due to the processing method used during harvest. When ripe coffee cherries are picked, they need to then be processed in a way to remove the sticky fruit remnants left on the seed called mucilage.

The majority of our coffees are either fully washed (meaning all mucilage is removed via fermentation) or sun-dried (all fruit left intact and removed post drying). However, this coffee is the most delicate of the in-between method called honey-process which leaves some of the mucilage intact before drying. The result is an extremely clean and sweet cup with added complexity from the white honey process.

In 2016, Los Hermanos Valso decided to build a Micromill on the farm their parents founded 20 years earlier, Vara Blanca. The brothers place a high importance on producing a premium quality product consistently by maintaining relationships with their producers while advocating sustainable growing practices. They processed their first lots at the Micromill, Hermanos Valso, in 2017.