Subscription Services

Subscription Services Policy

For our general Terms of Use, please see Midwest Coffee Culture, LLC Terms of Use. Acceptance of our Terms of Use also implies explicit acceptance, without limitation, of this policy and its terms.

Subscription Services include a monthly recurrent or one-time delivery of coffee beans from our various local vendors and partners. Details regarding your specific Subscription Service will be disclosed prior to purchase and within the confirmation email following your purchase. Deliveries for our Subscription Services occur on the first of every month. For more information regarding deliveries for our Subscription Services, please visit the Deliveries portion within our Terms of Use Agreement. Subscription Services may vary and be subject to additional limitations, for more information about our Subscription Services, visit our Subscribe / Gift page on our website.

Any subscription purchased after the first (1st) of the month will not be billed and a subscription will not be sent out until the following month.

When you register for a continuous monthly subscription (eg: more than 1 (one) month), you explicitly acknowledge and agree that a) Midwest Coffee Culture (or our third party credit card processor) is authorized to charge you at intervals consistent with your selected delivery frequency in addition to any applicable taxes and other charges for as long as your Subscription Service remains without termination, and b) your Subscription Service continues until you cancel it or until we suspend or terminate your access and use of our Services. For more information on termination and cancellation, refer to the Term and Termination portion within this Agreement.

Modifications to your Subscription Services can be done through your Account Page on our website, or by emailing or by mailing the address listed in our Return, Exchange, and Refund Policy.

Modifications to your account may take up to one business day after we receive your request to be processed. Any modifications made to your account after 1p.m. CST on the day before the scheduled day of shipment (the first Monday of every month) will not take place until the next scheduled shipment, and you will still be responsible for the intended charges and applicable taxes and fees.