After living on the East and West coasts for the past 20+ years, we returned home to our Midwestern roots to launch Snowdrift Coffee. We’ve worked at some of the most well-respected companies in the Specialty coffee industry during our time away. Together, we have over 30 years of professional experience in: roasting, operations, training, and quality control.

While living in California, we felt the pull to move back to the Midwest to be closer to our families. Rita grew up in Milwaukee and Ant has family in Northern Illinois, so Roscoe, IL was the perfect spot in the middle for us to settle down. We knew that we could bring our 30+ combined years of experience home and start our own coffee roasting company.

We've built Snowdrift to stay small, a Mom & Pop company of just the two of us, and focus on quality and sustainability while providing ethically sourced specialty coffee to our community. Ant curates the menu and roasts the coffee, while Rita handles production and operations. We pay well above C-market rate for green coffee, highlight specific farms when possible and try to keep our price points accessible to our customers.


Our most accessible menu offering was designed for all types of coffee drinkers. The components change with seasonality, but we curate coffees with similar flavor profiles for consistency. Our Penny Candy blend performs well as an espresso or brewed as a pour over. The sweet and balanced flavors are delicious and round without additives, but Penny Candy also holds its own with cream and sugar. This is an everyday blend that everyone will enjoy. Bring a bag to your next family event!