Simply put, I Have a Bean is focused on two things: Providing really good (and award winning) coffee and employing post prison people. They are passionate and successful about both - and that's why we are proud to partner with them.

As a roastery, I Have a Bean is committed to providing the highest quality, organically grown, fairly-traded coffee through a 'crop to cup' sustainable supply chain. They advocate for 'really good coffee' as the most effective weapon against notorious and traditional 'bad coffee'. Really good coffee goes beyond brewing a cup of delicious goodness, but primarily focuses on being beneficial for every entity involved - this includes the farmers and growers who earn not only a living wage, but a profitable one.

As a business with a humanistic aspiration, I Have a Bean employs post prison people and has so far helped 50 post prison people find work and transform their lives. Supporting I Have a Bean helps break the devastating cycle of recidivism by providing the opportunity for fulfilling employment and for a fresh start. Check out the video below to learn more about the work that they do.