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We all love coffee, and we all love coffee beans. Well, our favorite little bean just got a whole lot cooler.

Keep those used coffee grounds!
Coffee grounds do more than just brew your favorite cup of coffee, in fact, there are over 11 different ways you can reuse those old coffee grounds rather than just throwing them away!

Composting your coffee grounds is one way to ensure organic resources stay out of landfills, plus your coffee filters can be composted too, so it’s as easy as throwing them in your compost bin. Why does this work? Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen which provides bacteria the energy to turn organic waste into compost.
Science is cool! Click here for an article by OSU that goes more in depth about the chemical process.

*Fun fact: you can change the color of Hydrangea blossoms by adding coffee grounds to the soil, reducing the pH!

Using coffee grounds for your gardening needs doesn’t end with compost, your used coffee grounds can be used as plant fertilizer too! Coffee grounds contain certain minerals that your plants need such as nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, and more! Just sprinkle the grounds over your soil and your plants will thank you.

More coffee in your garden! Sprinkling coffee grounds around your plants protects them from destructive insects such as slugs, ants, or snails. These bugs are repelled by the acidity of the coffee.

Much like baking soda, your coffee grounds can be used to absorb unkind odors in your refrigerator or freezer. Or, with a few extra ingredients, DIY some garbage disposal cleaners. Get the recipe here.

Coffee grounds act as a natural abrasive that you can use with a rag to scrape away stuck on food from pans or even counters. Be sure not to use this method on ceramic or similar dishes to avoid coffee stains.


Coffee grounds, a little warm water, and your favorite oil (we recommend coconut) can go a long way. Mix these things together to create your own spa-like exfoliating scrub without spending the spa-like money. Using this scrub a few times a week can also reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Product build up can weigh down your hair, but there’s an easy fix. Coffee grounds’ gentle abrasive texture strip your hair of product residue and oils while still leaving it soft. Massage a handful of coffee grounds into your hair before shampoo and rinse thoroughly.


Prevent those smoke clouds from forming by sprinkling your coffee grounds over the ashes to weigh them down before sweeping. This will also help keep those ashes in the fireplace rather than spreading over the room.


Us Midwesterners know our way around snow and slippery walkways, luckily, you can use your coffee grounds to help melt the ice on your walkways and keep them from being slippery.


Ok, hear us out. Coffee grounds have natural enzymes and acids that work to tenderize meat. Using the grounds as a meat rub will also add a smokey flavor.


Wooden furniture can become scuffed and scratched over time, but before you take the time and effort to refinish it, try coffee grounds. Make a paste using coffee grounds and water and apply it to the scratch, wait 5-10 minutes and wipe off with a rag. This will mask the scratch on many shades of wood.

There are many great ways to reuse coffee grounds rather than throwing them away. After brewing your next cup, consider saving your coffee grounds to use again.

Which ways do you reuse coffee grounds? Comment below!
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